Illustration work in black, grayscale and line has always been a favourite of mine to explore.Investigating mythology and hidden worlds, surrealism and darker subjects are a route I like to travel. I illustrate work for poetry and band lyric books, editorial and book covers, as well as graphic novels and tattoos.

Lyric illustration for a book compilation of music by The Vaulted Skies alternative rock band. This illustration is for the song 'The Night' and you can hear it in all its glory here > Youtube

'One for Sorrow' drawing for editorial about depression and anxiety

Pages from a complete textbook created for ITV series Lewis - clues in the artists sketchbook, obsessed with animals and taxidermy lead to the killer...! I worked on the drawings, old pages and wrote the words in the book, so that they could be glanced through quickly by character Sergeant Hathaway.

Dia De Lose Muertos - Mexican Day of The Dead tribute tattoo design

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