Tom Mouse is an inspiration to young mice around the world.
He sees himself as an ordinary, curious mouse. Tom loves preparing for and taking on fantastic, extraordinary adventures. He is inspired and encouraged by Grandad Mouse, who was an explorer.
This wonderful picture book written by Dicky Barr and supported by The Downs Syndrome Association, is an inspirational read that will melt your heart.
'You Can Do It Tom Mouse!'
Tom Muse balances on a high rope bridge that isnt very stable, and hangs over an icy valley between the Himalayas - he is carrying his huge backpack and wears a red balaclava and gloves with a blue boiler suit and tough brown boots for climbing.

A precarious situation!

Tom is quite worried about the things he wants to do, can he really do them?

Can I do this?

Grandad mouse lifts Tom mouse in the air, they both laugh.

When you have the BEST Grandad!

In Grandad's study there are lots and lots of old books, photos and items from Grandads journys around the world. Grandad is pointing at something across the room and Tom looks excited!

What a surprise! Thank you Grandad!

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