Bespoke and large scale colour walls for any project. They can be printed on fine art paper and mounted on foam board or larger scale full walls on paper sections to be pasted up. I've found this to be an outstanding way of creating learning around a project. 
Any organisations can benefit from a communal colouring wall or board, maybe in a staff room, museum for visitors or exhibition or brand launch. Colouring pencils only for ease of clean up and to get a nice end result. You can overlay coloured pencils and still have the strong graphic lines of the original drawing show through......
Touring colouring in board went to AO size and featured some of the forgotten historic heroines of Hertfordshire county. 
A bespoke A0 colouring wall for Hertfordshire Libraries - this was for their social prescribing day for Link Workers and for staff across the library network in Herts. I left a blank area for people to leave comments about the day and how they thought it went. I wouldn't recommend this for public facing colouring pages though.....
Incredibly pleased to be asked to design a handout colouring page for Silverburn Park in East Neuk, Fife...where I now live!

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